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Dec 02, 2014    Views: 2898    By admin

How To Make Money Next 'Off-Season'


The dance season typically runs from January to July of each year. After July revenue grinds to a halt and the dreaded off-season begins. It’s important to earn enough profit during the season to sustain the business and staff during the off-season. If this is becoming more difficult to achieve, it’s time to find a way to start earning revenue during the off-season.  Personally, I don’t feel there is an off-season because many dancers dance all year. They just don’t attend competitions all year. 

One of the best ways to earn money during the summer and winter months is by hosting a dance convention, workshop or camp. This can be an incredible addition to your business if you only host dance competitions, and can prove to be very profitable. We’ve even had a couple of our clients shift their entire core business from running a competition into a convention. Here are some reasons for incorporating a convention into your brand, or shifting into only running conventions all together.

1. Easier to Find Venues 

There are about 6 times as many dance competitions than dance conventions so it is much easier to land a venue that doesn’t compete with another event at the same time. A convention venue doesn’t need to have a large stage, or audience seating, which opens up the options as well.

2. More Potential Revenue Sources

More people attend a convention location than a competition location. Some exceed a thousand dancers, most of which will be accompanied by their parents. Large conventions will fill a hotel and run multiple classrooms on multiple floors. Revenue can come from hotel reservations, selling merchandise, providing various forms of entertainment, hosting Gala’s, sponsorships, and vendor booths.

3. Less Cost

Conventions are more affordable to run and require less money up front. Many costs are reduced or removed altogether A convention venue can cost less because they are in less demand. There is no need for a large stage setup and if the convention is on the road the materials to pack up and transport are reduced. Adjudication hardware and video adjudication hardware are not needed, saving the cost to purchase and transport this equipment around.  

4. 365-days a Year

You can really run a dance convention during any month of the year. Being able to host an event 12 months of the year creates flexibility and can enable faster growth for your convention brand and business. Off-season conventions are a great way to keep dancers active during the summer months and can be hosted throughout the dance competition season as well. This helps create a 365-day revenue source for companies that are normally running events for only half of the year.

This might seem like a challenge to get off the ground, but that can be said for any new business venture. As the leader in dance business software, we have seen a sharp spike in new conventions over the past 2 years and don’t expect this trend to slow down. It’s a great time to get your brand out there! 

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